Publications & presentations
Professional Affiliations


Certificate for Teaching Hebrew to Non-native Speakers, Department for Hebrew Teachers Training, Rothberg School for Overseas Students, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1994.


Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, California, October 2002-present – teacher of modern Hebrew, levels A through E, Sunday intensive courses (“Ulpan”) and Prayerbook Hebrew levels 1 and 2. Developed special thematic courses for advanced students such as “From Lu Yehi to Chad Gadya - Learning Hebrew through Chava Alberstein’s songs” (Summer 2003), “It’s in the Bible! A biblical look at modern Israeli culture” (winter 2004), “Ima is gonna sing you a lullaby – teaching Hebrew through Hebrew lullabies” (summer 2004) and “Let's speak Hebrew!”, conversational Hebrew for advanced students.

Lehrhaus Judaica Adult School for Jewish Studies, Berkeley, California, July 2005-present - teacher of modern Hebrew, levels A through C.

Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Foster City, California, February 2005-February 2006 – teacher of modern Hebrew, beginner levels.

Israel Center, San Francisco, CA, May 2002-present – moderator of Conversational Hebrew Sessions at Café VeIvrit, a monthly gathering of Bay Area Hebrew-speakers.

University of San Francisco, California,July 2005 – teacher of modern Hebrew at the The Swig Judaic Studies Program’s intensive Hebrew summer course (Ulpan),level A.

The Hebrew Short Story Club, San Francisco Bay Area, June 2002-present – co-founder and moderator of The Hebrew Short Story Club, a group of advanced, non-native Hebrew readers who meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss a short, contemporary story they have all read.

JewishCommunity High School of the Bay, San Francisco, California, Spring semester 2003 – teacher of Hebrew language.

Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, San Francisco, California, January - May 2005 – teacher of Hebrew and Hebrew prayer at the Kadima program, K6-K7.

Summer Hebrew Courses, Rothberg School for Overseas Students, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Summer 2000 and summer 1999 – An elective course “Israeli Society” for the Dalet level(4th, intermediate).

Prep Courses, Rothberg School for Overseas, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Spring term 2000, Hebrew for the Hei level (5th, advanced).

Beatitude Community, Bethlehem, Israel. Summer term 2000 and Fall term 2000, Aleph level (1st, beginners).

Milah Institute for Language, Culture and Social Action,Jerusalem, Israel. 1996-1999. Levels Aleph and Bet (1st and 2nd, beginners), a Writing Skills course, a Current Events course.

Center for Jewish-Christian Studies, Madrid, Spain. 1995-1996, beginners.

Summer Hebrew Courses for Overseas Students, Hebrew University, Jerusalem,Israel, Immersion Program (beginners)1996; Dalet level (4th, intermediate level) summers 1994, 1995.

Hebrew University’s Hebrew Course, Moscow, Russia, winter term 1995, levels Aleph and Gimel (1st, 3rd, beginners, intermediate).

Ulpan Kibutz Program of the Israeli Ministry of Education, Kibutz Ramat-Rachel, Fall term 1994, Aleph level (beginners).


It’s in the Bible! Biblical figures and stories in current Israeli music – teaching Hebrew through songs for the advanced level, 22nd NAPH International Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, June 19-22, 2005.

Extensive experience as a modern and biblical Hebrew tutor of all levels.

Letters of reference available upon request.